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We put the FUN in Fundraiser!

144 Envelopes is a new concept in fundraising that allows individuals to donate to the future of local businesses and also gives them a chance to win some amazing prizes!

How does it work?

  • Cost per envelope ranges from $20 - $144 each. The dollar amount of the envelope determines the amount of entries in the main drawing. Donors simply pick an envelope number based on the monetary amount in the image below.

(Donations start at $20, so envelopes #1-#20 are each $20 respectively.)

For example, if your favorite number is #49, choose that envelope and you donate $49. Your donation of $49 will give you 49 entries into the drawing to win one of the 20 Grand Prizes. You can win more than one Grand Prize! Want more chances to win? Choose a higher number. Envelope #122, gives you 122 entries into the drawing for a donation of $122.

The Chamber will also be purchasing over 30 gift cards from local restaurants and boutiques that will be placed randomly in the envelopes. So, you not only get entered in the drawing for the Grand Prizes, but you may win a $20 Gift Card to your favorite shop!

  • Most envelopes will be “sponsored” by a local business that is a member of the Chamber. “Sponsoring” businesses will be promoted on our social media and have a chance to introduce and highlight their business! (Sponsorship's do not require monetary donations.)

  • Who does this benefit? Our local businesses. With the donations collected from this fundraiser, the Chamber of Commerce will be re-investing $6500 back into the community by purchasing Grand Prizes from 20 local businesses, gift cards from our local restaurants and boutiques, and promotion of all Chamber Members that “sponsor” an envelope. Donating to this fundraising campaign will also help keep our chamber running so that we can continue to provide more events and programs that directly benefit our local businesses and drive traffic to their stores/sites.

Come by the office to purchase your envelope and secure your chance to win some amazing prizes!


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