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Christmas In God's Country 2020 (Closed Event)

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Fall is finally here and just like that, our Christmas in Gods Country event is right around the corner. Christmas In God's Country is our annual vendor market event. Vendors set up booths in Hondo to sell artisan crafts, homemade beauty supplies, snacks and fried food, restaurant food, and a wide array of handmade items that make amazing Christmas gifts. This makes for the perfect time to get out, enjoy a nice weekend of holiday shopping, all while simultaneously supporting some amazing local businesses. We're very excited to be moving forward with the event this year, but we'd like to make it known that the event will be a tad bit different this year.

Due to complications with Covid-19, a bit of what has usually occurred had to be readjusted. The event will still be true to the heart of what it's intended for, but this year Christmas In God's Country will be a city-wide event. Previously Christmas In God's Country has taken place around the Courthouse located on Avenue M. This has worked well in previous years but 2020 has been the year of adapting and reinventing. So we've adapted and reinvented.  Christmas In God's Country will be a citywide shopping event this year. The Event will take place November 21st 2020. 9AM – 6PM. Vendors will be dispersed throughout the town in multiple locations, with each location hosting 3 – 6 vendors. These vendors will include artisan craft shops, boutiques, homemade beauty supplies, baked and fried goods, restaurants, and other holiday gifts items. The spacing will allow for safe social distancing while also avoiding overcrowding. Every location will also feature a wide array of products so each location is worth the stop!

To help shoppers find these locations, the Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce, will be providing maps with each shop location featured on the map. The map will provide you with a clear route to get to each Vendor Stop, and it makes for a great Saturday family cruise. And don't forget to stop by one of Hondo's local restaurants on your cruise. Support local! Shop Local! If you have any questions about participating in this event or any general questions please email us at, stop by the office, or give us a call at 830-426-3037

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