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Meet the new Educators in the Area!

New Teacher Luncheon happened on Friday the 14th of August and this year there was a total of 26 new teachers coming to teach in the area! 24 for Hondo ISD and 2 for D'hanis ISD. The luncheon is an opportunity for us to recognize the dedication educators have to teaching the youth in the area, as well as thanking the administrators who dedicate so much of their time to serve the district. This event is also a great way for us to meet the new teachers and let them know the Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce and the community are here for them whenever and if ever they may need us. So here's to the new Teachers! We truly appreciate the work you do for our community.

We also cant thank the community enough for the support they showed for our new educators. The Hondo Chamber of Commerce along with help from some of our local businesses wanted to make sure they got the welcome they deserved. With the help of our sponsors and donors, we were able to get the new teachers some extra supplies for their classrooms, a few goodies, and a well deserved lunch.

Some of our Sponsors included: Hondo National Bank, Community National Bank, Medina Electric Cooperative, CWS Travel, and Medina Health Care System. Here's a huge virtual round of applause for our sponsors. Thank you all for continuously working to make Hondo a great community to live in.

The list continues though. Because this event wouldn't have been as great without our donors. These businesses donated lunches, memberships, school supplies, and adorable goodies for each and every new teacher that has come to the Medina County Area. Again, thats a total of 26 teachers who each got an amazing donation from these business in the area. Those donors are: Camp Gladiator, Hondo Public Library, HonDough Pizza Co., Mainstreet Mercantile, Marken Media Co., McDonald's, Medina Electric Cooperative, Medina Healthcare System, The National Guard, and Sorellas Boutique! Be sure to check out these businesses and thank them for the support they show, not just to our educators but to our community as well.


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