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VTX1 Companies Acquires Wireless Internet Service Provider SOS Communications

VTX1 Companies Acquires Wireless Internet Service Provider SOS Communications

Expansion to Central Texas Region to grow the VTX1’s service area northward

(Raymondville, TX – January 17, 2022) – VTX1 Companies (VTX1) officially announced the acquisition of wireless internet service provider, SOS Communications (SOS), headquartered in Georgetown, Texas. SOS has been an internet service provider within the Central Texas region since 2007 and has been selected for, and won, the Best of Georgetown Award, for the past three years. SOS’s service area encompasses over 3,500 square miles and stretches from Burnet to Elgin to Temple. SOS serves approximately 3,000 subscribers in the Central Texas area.

Jerry Stephens, COO of SOS Communications affirmed, “We are very pleased with the acquisition by VTX1, because it affords the technical and financial resources to become an acknowledged leader in fiber enabled broadband and streaming services for home and business in Central Texas, one of the fastest growing areas in the nation.”

The SOS acquisition, the fourth in less than five years for VTX1, will grow VTX1’s subscriber base in excess of 37,000, continuing their expansion as one of the largest independently owned internet service providers in Texas. Acquiring SOS will extend VTX1’s service area to a more central location in the state, past the South Texas area VTX1 has traditionally occupied. More recent acquisitions for VTX1 have been in the Victoria, San Antonio, and Seguin areas.

VTX1 has long been a broadband service provider in the South Texas Region, with a legacy in telecommunications of 69 years and counting. VTX1 currently occupies over 8,000 route miles of network facilities statewide, along with 279 fixed wireless towers. The SOS acquisition will expand VTX1’s service territory to approximately 46,500 square miles and grow their fixed wireless inventory by 18%. This will allow VTX1 to continue to realize their vision of bringing broadband connectivity to all communities, no matter how rural or how far they may be outside the traditional confines of where broadband service is traditionally available.

Dave Osborn, CEO of VTX1 Companies, specified “We are eager for this opportunity to partner with SOS, a business who are good stewards in their community and believe that broadband should be made available to all. We are elated to expand into a new Texas region that is vibrant and growing and we are ready to make a difference in the lives of families and businesses alike, for whom broadband is a critical necessity for life in 2022.”

About VTX1 Companies

VTX1 Companies was established as a cooperative in 1952 with the purpose of providing telephone service to rural subscribers deemed unfeasible by larger companies. Headquartered in Raymondville, Texas, the company has grown to become a leading broadband service provider offering fiber and wireless internet and telephone services to customers in South Texas. VTX1 Companies’ service area covers approximately 46,500 square miles, and it is the second largest rural internet service provider in Texas.

About SOS Communications

SOS is a locally owned and operated wireless internet service provider that was founded over 15 years ago. They recognize the need for dependable and affordable internet throughout the suburban and rural areas of Central Texas and provide extended coverage to the area from over 50 fixed wireless towers. Their vision is to be recognized as an acknowledged leader in both fixed wireless and fiber-enabled broadband and streaming services, with integrity and accountability.



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