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Tour of Vacant Buildings

Have you ever wondered what is in the 2nd and 3rd stories of some of our downtown buildings? Or maybe a particular shop on a corner that seems to have been vacant for a long time.  Well wonder no more.  The Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce is thrilled to announce the Tour of Vacant Buildings. This self-guided tour, complete with maps, will be held on a day to be determined soon.  Tour packets will be available for pick up at the chamber office closer to the date, and will also be available at the chamber office the day of the tour. 

The buildings to be included on the tour are currently listed as for sale, lease or rent.  Several local realtors and building owners will be present to answer important questions regarding square footage, cost, condition, etc.   

This event was created primarily to see empty buildings filled, to showcase current businesses already in Hondo and bring attention to beautiful buildings that have so much life left in them. The Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce hopes this  tour will encourage growth, band our businesses together, beautify our city, and create jobs.   

People are curious by nature and this is a great way to explore that beautiful old building you’ve been looking at for years and wondering why no one has ever done anything with it…maybe that someone is you.

If you or someone you know are looking to bring a business to Hondo, or expand an existing business, this tour would be a great opportunity for you.  If you own an empty building and would like to be added to this exciting event, please contact the Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce at 830-426-3037.


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