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Sweetheart Shop Hop!

Shop Hop is scheduled for the 12th of February! Enjoy a night out on the town while you shop at Hondo's very special shops and boutiques. Support local businesses this February, and shop local for those Valentines gifts. Shops will be serving drinks and/or snacks (if they'd like) while offering some amazing deals on blouses, bags, tumblers, jewelry, yard decorations, and soooo much more!

For those unfamiliar with the event: Shop Hop is an afternoon, city-wide event that encourages people in the area to get out on the town and support local businesses. The event runs from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM which gives you time to make it by all your favorite local businesses, and if you do happen to make it to all participating shops, there may be a prize in it for you.

So here's how it works. A Shop Hop is kind of like a pub crawl except you're shopping instead of drinking. Normally, Shop Hops feature a group of shops in a local area. Participating shops and boutiques open up their doors from 4:00 PM to 9:00 PM offering amazing deals, tasty snacks, and sometimes even a refreshing beverage. Some shops even have door prizes! When entering a shop, you'll normally be able to catch the face of the business at the register. Ask them about a check in sheet and they'll be able to both provide and stamp a sheet listing all participating shops and boutiques. Make it to all the shops and get each location stamped on your sheet. Once your sheet is full, drop it off at the Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce and you'll be entered into a gift basket drawing of gifts donated by all the participating shops.

Sweetheart Shop Hop makes for the perfect opportunity to find all those Valentines Day gifs. So come out and get that special loved one a lovely gift while also supporting local businesses and stimulating the local economy. Shop Local. Live local. Love local.



Mainstreet Mercantile

685 US-90, Hondo, TX 78861

J June

577 US-90 E, Hondo, TX 78861


120 HWY 173 N, Hondo, TX 78861

Silver Creek Specialty Meats & Gourmet Coffee

309 US-90, Hondo, TX 78861

Jypsy Jane Boutique

(Will be located inside Silver Creek)

309 US-90, Hondo, TX 78861

The Owls Nest

1101 19th St, Hondo, TX 78861

Sorellas Boutique

1118 18th St, Hondo, Tx 78861

2 Bizzy B'z

1713 Ave M, Hondo, Tx 78861

Visit all participating locations to be entered into the drawing for the Shop Hop Gift Basket.


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