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New Teacher Luncheon​

August 2023

Education is very important for the benefit of the youth in the community, as well as the communities future. That's why we host the New Teacher Luncheon. An event to let the new educators in the area know they have our support. 

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We're excited to welcome the newest teachers to Hondo ISD and D’Hanis ISD. The new teachers will be treated to lunch, gifts, goody bags and an introduction to local businesses.


We are currently taking in donations for the gift bags. Donations can be but are not limited to: logo pens, pencils, journals, calendars, sticky notes, hats, school supplies, etc. Deadline to drop off the donations is July 29th.


If you have any questions about donations or other ways you can help, please give us a call at 830-426-3037.

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