Spend $20.22

Spend $20.22 is a fun new way for us to encourage locals to shop and spend locally. Your receipts are your entry into a drawing for a $50.00 gift card each month. For full details and a list of rules, check our the information below.

Drawings will be done on the First Friday of each month.

Spend $20.22

Spend $20.22 is a new idea from us at the Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce to reward locals for shopping and spending locally. Each month we'll be accepting your receipts as entries to the drawing. Every month we will draw a winner of a $50.00 gift card to a random member business of the Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce. Here's how it works and how to participate:

1) Spend $20.22 or more at any of our Member Businesses.

Spend $20.22 or more at one of our Member Businesses?  Keep your receipts! Your receipt will give you one entry into the drawing. You can submit multiple receipts. Only receipts from the current month will be accepted. A full list of Member Businesses can be found on our Online Directory

2) Turn in Your Receipts.

Turn in your receipts at the Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce office. For a receipt to qualify as an entry it must be from a Member Business of the Hondo Area Chamber of Commerce, must be for the amount of $20.22 or more, and it must be from the current month. Example: Receipts received in January will be entered for the drawing done at the beginning of February. Receipts received in February will be entered for the drawing done at the beginning of March and so on.

3.) Cross Your Fingers!

Cross your fingers and wait for the drawing. As mentioned above a drawing will be done each month, at the beginning of the month, for the winner of a $50.00 gift card from a random Member Business (also chose through a drawing.) Drawing will be done live and we will reach out to the winners after. Entries will reset each month after the drawing.

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Spend $20.22

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