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Lunch & Learn

Lunch and Learn is a new program we've started for 2023. For each Lunch and Learn we'll bring a speaker to present you with information that could benefit your business / organization in a variety of ways. No Lunch and Learn will ever be the same, and every lunch and learn will focus on information we believe is of value to you in one way or another. Click HERE to buy a ticket and secure your spot.

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Tuesday, January 31st | 11:30 - 1:00PM

Lunch & Learn with

Presentation by: Marken Media Co​

Lunch by: Hondough Pizza Company

Join us for our first Lunch & Learn! Marken Media will share a presentation perfect for business owners who need to think about IDEAS in a whole new light. Marcus will share stories that will get your wheels turning, inspiring you to give space for both HAVING and IMPLEMENTING your new, big ideas. This is especially great as people are entering a new year. Lunch will be provided by Hondough Pizza Company. You'll get a tasty sandwich, tea, and chips to chow down on while Marken Media Co gets you inspired for the 2023 year.

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