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About our 2022 Year

2022 was an amazing year for us. Between the recent revamp, new membership levels, new benefits, new social media model, and an update to our website, we were working with a lot of changes that we implemented to benefit our members as well as the community. The information listed below is a deep dive into how we've continued to grow and expand over the last year. With this growth comes new exposure opportunities and more resources for your business or organization. We hope you'll continue to grow with us in 2023.



New Members

Active Members

Our members are very important to us and we were very excited to

gain 45 new members and have over 100 renew with us in 2022.

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Unique Visits

Site Visits

Page Visits

Website Hits​​

Our website underwent a revamp in 2021 and you can now find a ton of resources and information online at all times.

Our Biggest Year for Big Events​

2022 was full of so many events and projects for us. We brought back the Downtown Dineout and planned a HUGE Christmas in God's Country event. We sold over 200 tickets for Downtown Dineout and closed off Ave M between 18th and 17th street for a fun night in Downtown Hondo. For Christmas in God's Country we had over 150 vendor spots sold. That's 50+ more than previous years and the event still continues to grow.
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